The e-commerce home furnishings giant wanted to use its employees in its latest ad.

Wayfair, a rising e-commerce home furnishings giant, is trying to have its employees get Americans more excited about home decor and furniture. To engage its employees and the public, the company has released a new advertisement with all the actors recruited from Wayfair. The ad follows the launch of WayfairView, a new app from the company, that allows shoppers to visualize furniture options at full scale in their home.

While many companies have in-house advertising and marketing teams, they often serve as a creative and organizational resource and then work with outside agencies and producers to create company content. For this fun video spot, Wayfair decided to bring advertising wholly in-house, and the new Ad was written, produced, and performed by employees.

Titled, “Wayfair Musical: The Remix” and it brings back the original Wayfair jingle featured in the company’s first commercials. The employees auditioned by video in response to an open company-wide casting call to get parts in the elaborate song-and-dance effort. The ad is being aired on homes furnishing friendly networks like Lifetime, CBS, HGTV, and Hallmark, and it is on Youtube.

“It’s no secret that we have a talented team here at Wayfair,” said Nancy Go, vice president of brand, Wayfair. “We have the best and brightest engineers, data scientists, marketers, analysts and merchandisers on our team. However, we have also discovered we have more than our share of talented dancers and performers. We are excited to celebrate the people behind the brand in this fun and engaging new spot and hope it offers our customers a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a part of the Wayfair team.”

In the new commercial, which builds on the viral success of long one-take dancing videos, 22 of Wayfair’s 4,604 employees dance the viewer through a beautiful home continually revealing new furniture and appliances all in a single take. The ad includes cameos from company co-founder Steve Conine and vice president of sales and services Liz Graham.

The new Ad comes shortly after the release of Wayfair’s new app, WayfairView. The smartphone augmented reality app will be available in Google Play and will work with the upcoming Tango-enabled smartphone the PHAB2 Pro, being released by Lenovo in September. The app will allow shoppers to use their phones to visualize how furniture and decor items will look in their homes at full-scale.

“Wayfair Next is laying the groundwork for innovations that will change the face of retail – all with first-party technology,” noted Steve Conine, co-chairman, and co-founder, Wayfair. “By digitizing our vast catalog through 3-D scanning, we will dramatically improve the visualization of products to create the best possible shopping experience for our customers. With smartphone augmented reality, we can take this a step further. Built using Google’s robust Tango technology, WayfairView will allow shoppers to visualize furniture and décor in their homes by virtually placing real products from Wayfair’s extensive catalog in any room at full-scale.”

The technology may be a little ahead of its time, as phones with the ability to use the new app remain limited, but it the company is betting on the widespread of adoption of augmented reality. And there is a lot of potential value for a 3-D catalog even if this particular use of the technology doesn’t become widely available for a couple of years. People already enjoy 3-D imaging on desktops and within shopping apps.

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