There are various advanced technologies coming up in terms of mobile devices with upgrading features, one of this is Vivo’s Apex phone. Today, Vivo’s Apex has been included in one of the biggest stories out there, that represented the world’s first in-display fingerprint scanner. This includes the process of biometric authentication wherein no need for large screen bezels, difficulties in the face detection technics, and unusual rear-mounted sensor.

This prototype was shipped in China as X20 Plus UD, and today Vivo has thought of bringing a new concept in front of the Mobile World Congress, as next evolution in the world of mobile devices to avoid the bezels.

However, the new concept we are talking about is “Apex”, as we have discussed above the features, described by Vivo. This includes “Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology”, the reason behind this concept is to avoid placing the finger on a thumbnail-sized icon to unlock the device, and the user will be able to access this features in larger area of the display.

Moreover, on the Apex, as it is said the area that is used for scanning isn’t half the screen, but instead it’s the third part or two-fifths of the screen, that is being utilized. Whatever, the case might be it is more comfortable for the user to unlock the phone without any mis-interruption or to think on it before going ahead, as it has enough space to prove its tech advantage. In addition, there are more facilities that are included such as the user can avail two different fingerprints for more security, as well helps in securing data shared by two different people at a time.

Meanwhile, Vivo justifies that the scanner provided is not Synaptics, that was considered in the case of X20 Plus UD. The process is same, that requires an OLED screen as well as the facility wherein your finger is able to light up the surface upon the contact. But, to be more clear about this device is not much convincing related to this feature as it requires the user to press the thumb flat on the screen instead of just using the fingertip. Besides, Vivo targets the younger generation keeping in mind how to come out with more innovative and stylish products to grab their attention.

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