Google keeps on making some or the other changes every day so as to make user’s life easier. Recently, the tech giant made a small move that’s going to change everyone’s life and most probably have a negative impact. It will be removing ‘view image’ option from the search results.

View Image is usually clicked when you want to observe the image in full screen or the picture alone. It aided you with the option of viewing a complete image and download it as and when required. But, gloomily the option is no more available to the users. Instead, they would have to follow additional steps to download the image from Google.

This is obviously going to have an undesirable impression on the users. Publishers and photojournalists sited a list of complaints to the tech company of stealing their images for no reason. This was one of the reasons why Google has taken action of removing view image icon from the search results.

Google made a declaration as follows: We are making some changes in Google images search results. The changes will include removing View Image button. On the contrary, visit button remains at its place. So, users can view and download images of their interest by clicking on visit button.

This would be a prodigious update for publishers but a matter of irritation for the users. Sometimes, the website will disable the option of downloading the image by clicking the right button. Users can follow the below steps to view the image:

  • Right-click on the image and select either of the option – view images or open image in new tab.
  • If the user finds the above way infeasible they can also click on visit button to view the image.

The second option would most probably be most user-friendly one. Along with View image button, Google has also targeted ‘search by image’ icon that seemed when one opens an image. In this case, you can inverse the action of searching images by pulling up the image to search bar and continue browsing other related images.

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