Here comes a scandalous news for all iPhone users. Apple came across a new iOS bug that clatters and blocks all the messaging apps of the iOS 11 smartphone. Users won’t be able to access WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Outlook or even the general text messages lading on their phone.

2017 was already a dreadful year for all the iPhone users. They came across a number of software issues last year and this year also the smartphone will take them on an outrageous ride. Mobile World, an Italian journal and Blog speckled the bug and conducted trials on all the iOS 11 phones series.

How does this bug crash your smartphone?

As soon as the user receives a Telugu (Indian) special language characters on their iOS 11 devices, it directly targets the iOS Springboard. Thereafter, the user won’t have any access to open any of their messaging application as these apps fail to retrieve the characters.

Apple will fix this bug by rolling out an update very soon. This will occur before its release its next update of iOS 11.3. Along with text messages, other third-party messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Gmail will also experience the similar clattering problem once the message hits iPhone device.

However, some of the applications such as Skype and Telegram remains unpretentious. iOS 11.3 public beta also remains unaffected. Fixing the crash of text messages is easier, but regaining the messages and access of third-party messenger apps is a bit complicated. For handling third-party messaging issues users need to delete the messages by directly accessing them from the web.

Along with messaging apps, the bug caused disabling of a number of other iOS apps such as safari Browser, consecutive rebooting and freezing of devices. Apple usually sorts out this type of issues at the earliest. Hence, this issue might get fixed most probably before spring, the company says.

Uninterrupted iOS issues are being rolled out on every iPhone device today. To avoid such scenarios and improve the performance rate in future iPhone devices such as iOS 12, Apple has already adopted new strategies and started to work on the same.

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