Smartpill is a single use ingestible capsule. Smart pills composed of five components including capsule, data receiver, activation fixture, docking system, and software. Smartpills are used for measuring pressure, pH, and temperature as it travels through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to assess GI motility. Consumers of smart pills mostly include patients among the geriatric population and patients with paralysis to name a few. Smartpills Market are administered orally, and prior to swallowing a smartpill, the patient is required to eat a small meal called the ‘SmartBar meal’. After this, the patient can swallow a capsule and is free to carry out his normal routine work. As the capsule travels through the patient’s GI tract, it collects data regarding pressure, pH, and temperature. A data receiver, worn on a belt clip by the patient captures and stores the test data collected by the capsule. The smartpill transmits the data to a wearable patch that transfers the information to an app on a paired or smartphone. Once the smartpill has passed with a regular bowel movement, the patient needs to visits the doctor, where the data can be downloaded from the recorder and analyzed and interpreted before discussing further procedure.

Increasing incidence of gastrointestinal diseases and growing geriatric population are the key drivers of global smartpills market. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that by 2050, the global geriatric population will be around 2 billion. In addition, demand for advanced medical devices, changing lifestyle, and increasing disposable income among patients in developing countries are some factors boosting demand for smartpills globally. Factors hampering growth of the global smartpill market are high cost associated with treatment with smartpills as compared to traditional methods of treatment and fear among patients regarding swallowing a microchip.

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Prominent players in global smartpills market are, Olympus Corporation, Medtronic Inc., Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Bio-Images Research Limited, CapsoVision, Inc., Given Imaging, Inc., Medimetrics S.A. de C.V., Proteus Digital Health, Inc., CapsoVision, Inc., and Philips Healthcare Informatics, Inc.

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