In the United States, it has been found out that at least one in 14 pregnant women smoke. About 7.2 percent pregnant mothers smoke, and this percentage differs from state to state. The number of smoking was high in West Virginia, as 25.2 percent women were being reported smoking during pregnancy, and in California, it’s 1.6 percent which was the lowest compared to other states.

Smoking is injurious to health, people being aware of this still continue the same. Alright, this was in general for everyone men and women, but when it comes to pregnant women’s smoking is quite disappointing.

Senior author and demographer at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, Patrick Darker says that pregnant women’s despite knowing the risk associated with smoking that will be harmful to the child. Smoking during pregnancy can cause certain risk for the baby, such as few defects in the child, low weight or premature baby, as well can also led to miscarriage and infant death disorder.

As per the data provided from the CDC’s Pregnancy Risk Assessment and Monitoring System, in the US 2011, about 10 percent women were found smoking during three months of their pregnancy and 55% have quit during pregnancy.

As per the birth certificate data collected by CDC’s National Vital Statistics System, researchers have found that presence of smoking at the time of pregnancy were less compared to overall national rate in around 19 states, that includes Utah, Texas, New Jersey, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Connecticut, New York and in the District of Columbia. In this states and in the District of Columbia presence of pregnant women smoking as compared to national rate 7.2% is less, that is 5 percent.

Well, around thirty-one states were found highest number pregnant women smoking as compared to the national rate. Wherein, West Virginia is on top of the list along with Montana, Missouri, Vermont, and Kentucky. The more shocking thing is in West Virginia pregnant women were found smoking five times more than compared to the non-smoking women’s, he added.

However, this would vary from age and race, well, issues related to infant mortality and prematurity has been major, along with low weight at the time of birth these issues are connected to excessive smoking at the time of pregnancy. And, it’s useless repenting later when the patients are being informed about the situation.

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