Apple has introduced a new flagship phone every year in autumn. This year it is expected a launch of two to three devices with the iPhone’s update. Many reports are claimed that the company has lined up many new models that are to be launched in 2018. Some images were leaked of a device which is larger than iPhone X – a 6.5-inch model with the design of iPhone X. And the poster claimed that the images are from trail runs.

The leaked images of new iPhone are doubtful, on the other hand, they justified other sources had claimed the launch. It is part of a debate that when the company is going to introduce their series of phones and what specification will they offer. These images are leaks until Apple officially announce its lineup devices that are to launch in between September or November.

Many analysts predicted that this year, the company will launch about three iPhones with the iPhone X design. Some of the analysts claimed that the company will launch the cheaper phones with resembling many features of iPhone X. That would costs range between US$ 649 and US$ 749. However, to keep costs lesser bezel unit will feature an LCD-TFT screen.

It is expected that for this new series the company will employ new OLED supplier. As some news, LG will be the OLED supplier whereas Samsung supplied OLED for iPhone X. It is expected that the company will introduce one of its new device with massive smartphone specifications. With advanced screen design such as bezels and notches, metal back with color availability, about 6.1 screen size, Face ID and fingerprint scan, long wireless charging of about 2850-2950 mAh battery that would add to 8% more capacity than iPhone X. also, the expected 4GB RAM with 5G support, it is also expected that the device will be equipped with 3D cameras with interchangeable lenses that will improve quality of photos.

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