Noodles, soft-drinks, cereals, processed meat, ready-to-eat meal, cakes, and other bakery products are considered as ultra-processed foodstuffs. These foodstuffs can be prepared by many processes that contain additives, preservatives, and flavors in large amount which could be unknowingly cancerous.

Ultra-processed food is better in taste which attracts consumers henceforth, the foodstuffs are the main ingredient in daily diet of people in developed countries. The processed food market is witnessing significant growth. Understanding the health impact due to processed food is the main and relatively important topic for the researchers.

Processing of food increases the shelf life of foodstuff. However, these foodstuffs are poor nutrient sources. These foodstuffs already considered as a major reason for obesity as it contains fat, sugar, and salt in large amount. Obesity is highly related to cancer after smoking and alcohol intake. Recent studies conducted in the Brazil and France supports the assumption that high consumption of ultra-processed foodstuffs can increase risk of non-communicable diseases such as cancer. This suggestion was given on the basis of the study that was conducted on the consumers of ultra-processed food – 10 lack French healthy people of average age of 43.

According to published verdicts in the British Medical Journal, high consumption of ultra-processed foodstuffs such as sugary products, fats, soft-drinks, and sauces can increase risk of cancer significantly – most probably breast cancer. Additionally, several risk factors such as age, sex, medical history, smoking, and drinking habits were considered along with the physical activity.

Changing lifestyle, clever market strategies, and fast lifestyle are some of the reasons boosting the demand for processed food stuffs globally. However, the health hazards caused due to these foodstuffs are making the health conscious people. Among the developed countries, Canada and UK are the most consuming countries of ultra-processed foodstuffs. French is one of the countries that is taken a step for increasing awareness regarding processed food.

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