The number of children admitted to hospital due to opioid overdose in the US has been doubled over a decade a study shows. The report based on the study was published in journal Pediatrics. The report says that the 1,504 patients were admitted due to opioid overdose.

The opioid is used as a painkiller and as a cure for many diseases. These drugs are originated from Indonesia and other countries that are now famous in Americas and Europe.

The number of patients differed on the basis of age. The age between 1 to 17 who were admitted to the hospital for an opioid-related reason. The children from the age of 12 to 17 witnessed that 60% of total patients admitted due to opioid poisoning.

There is the possibility of consumption of drug by accident and by purposefully. However, the study failed to separate the number of children who consumed the opioid drug by accident. Also the number of children who consumed the drug purposefully.

The government is thinking on the ways to avoid the availability of the opioid drug. The government has found the way such as parents should keep the drugs away from children, mostly avoiding to buy the drugs, and preferring the other drugs.

The author highlighted that parents must keep the type of medicine away from the children so that they won’t consume the drug accidentally. Additionally, it will save them from getting habitual with the drug.

Another way is to control the supply of this drug. The organizations and authorities are trying to close the retail sale of these drugs. In addition, they are suggesting to invest and prefer the alternative medicines. That can be lead to the handle the difficult situation of drugs and drugs addiction among the children.

The US is facing the problem to keep up the good health of the children, as the country is facing many problems such as viral flu, obesity, increasing chronic diseases, and drug addiction among the teens.

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