Google AI camera named as Clips has finally gone for sale from today. The device was announced long back in October. Whenever a user tries to seizure a photo that is worth capturing but time goes off immediately. Hence, Google aims to eliminate this problem to capture moments you feel interesting.

The freshly introduced Google clips camera by Google is not a normal one but uses the technique of artificial intelligence. The camera has thorough knowledge about which moments are worth-capturing and clicks them immediately without human interruption.

Google Clips doesn’t record an audio or video. It captures a bunch of snapshots and clubs them together to form a short clip. Later, users can extract the perfect moment with Clips smartphone app. In simple words, Google clips take number of photos and convert into HD GIFs rather than shooting a video.

Artificial intelligence technology manages to learn what users like and strictly focus on the same parameter only. Capturing the moments accurately is not an easy task. Hence, Google doesn’t guarantee the quality of the pictures clicked.

A camera comes with fixed-focus with a f/2.4 aperture and angle lens of 130-degree wide. Users can save images up to 16 GB of memory space. An initial price of Google Clips AI camera will come at $249. Users can connect this camera with Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone, Google Pixel and Galaxy S8 via Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth so that users can save the captured images on their smartphones. However, the functionality is still not available for desktop or laptop users.

The device promises to give its smart performance but doesn’t look to deliver candid clips as its potentials. Moreover, it will definitely not be able to compete with GoPro, an American technology company that manufactures cameras of high quality. The feature quality really doesn’t justify the price of the camera. It might either add some more features or lower down the price in near future.

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