Facebook is the most famous and preferable social media site from past few years. Facebook has more than 1.23 billion users. Recently, the social media giant was facing the controversy over data leak. Many users advised to delete Facebook.

As the social media network is growing; new social media sites are emerging. The availability of many attractive social media sites than Facebook are influencing many teenagers. Hence they are losing their interest from the older social media site. Earlier, a report said that teenagers in the US and UK are preferring another site such as Snapchat and Instagram. Also, these teenagers are showing interest in video blogging site such as Vine, messaging app such as WeChat, and images sharing app like Flickr. Whereas, fondness for the Facebook among elder generation is increasing.

Many analysts propose that this trend will be stronger than last year. This may lead to reducing the dominance of the social media giant; it will be hard to imagine the world without Facebook. These are some of the predictions based on the stats collected from past few years.

This might have happened due to the algorithm based structure of the Facebook which is quite depressing for the users, especially for teenagers. Additionally, a number of ads appearing while surfing which is the main hurdle.

The spokesperson of the Facebook said that the company will remain dominant, time might reduce that user spends on Facebook. The trend of Facebook will continue, and people will continue to connect on the site with them who really wanted to be in touch with. This will drive the growth of the social media site.

Henceforth, it will be hard to see the world without Facebook. The recent campaigns like #deletefacebook might affect their business, but it cannot eradicate the strong presence of the company in the current situation.

A last, Facebook will remain dominant for a long time, if the company managed to keep the happy user as well as advertisers.

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