Facebook apologized for the search option of video of child abuse, other vulgar and upsetting search. The social network giant faced a lot of criticism for this kind of search suggestions. The “suggestion” feature of the biggest social media site was suggesting offensive suggestions in the search box. The suggestion found after typing the “video of”.

Many users who found it offensive, posted on their social media account and they trolled this search suggestion. Even, many users who searched in other languages they found the same suggestions in the particular language.

Facebook changed the setting immediately but the users keep reporting on this. For instance, “zodwa want videos and pics” and “Cristiano Ronaldo Hala Madrid king video call” suggestion.

In open statement, Facebook apologized by saying that they will investigate the issue and will take care to avoid the same again. Also, they have removed the suggestion feature. It is representative of what people usually search about. Not necessarily the suggestion that they have added to the algorithm. Additionally, the company does not support this kind of acts and they will take action on similar mistakes.

Search engine’s suggestions are some of the sources of concern related to Silicon Valley. Google also faced the criticism for this. They offered suggestions such as “are Jews evil”, “are Muslims bad”, and “are women evil”.

Similarly, the tech giant has faced the criticism related to this. As the users based in the UK found this suggestion offensive in the way of racism and sexually harassing. The criticism was not based on just a region, users from all over the world said it is unfair.

Guy Rosen, vice president of Facebook said that we will run a survey to understand the search and their mistakes. From now on they will check for this and will try to avoid these mistake.

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