Pain and cramps due to periods were the topics of debate from years. But recent study showed that periods can be so painful. Many doctors are now accepting that menstruation cramps are related to the severity of pain. Many physicians admitting that this pain can be intensive as the pain of a heart attack. Even some of the physicians are questioning that why researchers did not search for the treatment of menstrual cramps.

The cramps due to periods are known as Dysmenorrhea. The American Academy of Family Physicians says that the pain can interrupt the routine of one in five women. John Guillebaud, a lecturer at the University College said that man cannot understand the pain due to menstruation as they don’t face it. The pain is as bad as heart attack.

Frank Tu of North Shore University Health System said that many physicians suggested that among all the pain relievers such as ibuprofen are good enough to help during cramps.

Dr. Annalise Weckesser said that for a long time, no one is taking this issue as a serious health problem. and the knowledge of about menstrual health and problems among young girls is so poor.

Additionally, a physician added that periods and the pain related to it is also can be a serious symptom of endometriosis. this can be caused when a tissue which is similar to the lining of the uterus grows and reaches to another area of the body. This can only be treated with surgery.

Periods is a biological process and cycle that completes per month that can cause to feel sick, tired, and sleepy for five days of periods. Research shows that how many women are really worried about their health during this period of a month. also, the pain from which they are suffering from.

men can take the abdominal pain up to 49 minutes whereas women can take it for 65 minutes for same symptoms.

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