To be healthy is one of the biggest targets of every individual, from youngsters to adult and old age. But taking care at the right time is also important with proper medical supervision. Sometimes we try to manage our health issues with home remedies or by taking antibiotics without consulting our physicians. Today, we are here to discuss the risk of taking antibiotics without consulting the doctor, that can create an adverse effect on your health.

You heard the right.! There are some antibiotics that are harmful to people who have a heart problem. The most commonly prescribed antibiotics that have increased the risk of heart diseases or death from heart diseases is Clarithromycin, which is sold under the brand name Biaxin. This antibiotic is used to treat certain bacterial infections such as strep throat, skin infection, pneumonia, and stomach infection among others. Consumption of this antibiotics has certain side effects as well, where patients are not aware of it such as vomiting, heartburn, nausea to name a few.

The Food and Drug Administration stated that individuals with heart problem need to be very cautious before going for Clarithromycin antibiotic. As these are drugs sold under the brand name Biaxin, if consumed by heart disease patient, for more than two weeks have the possibilities of dying at the earlier stage.

On the other hand, it is essential that the healthcare professionals take care before prescribing these antibiotics to any of its patient especially heart disease. In addition, the patient should be aware of the symptoms and signs before and after taking the treatment that involves Clarithromycin.

However, family doctors are aware of the health issues whatever you are going through, but in case if the patient is visiting for the first time, has to make it clear with the doctor related to heart diseases to avoid them to prescribe any antibiotics.

Overall the main focus is avoiding Clarithromycin antibiotic for heart patients, so its mandatory to consult your physician. Patients should know the benefits and risks from these antibiotics in case you are diagnosed with heart diseases. Moreover, stopping medicine all of a sudden can also be harmful to the heart patients without talking to their health professionals.

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