It’s quite shocking to say that alcohol plays a vital role when it comes to a health concern. Most of them avoid taking alcohol assuming the side effect or rather you can say it as ill effects of consuming alcohol. There are two sides to every coin, meaning you can’t have the good part of something without its bad which implies here.

As per the survey, more than 3,00,000 people who were consuming alcohol in a light and moderate along with lifestyle habits, had less chance to die from any diseases as compared to those who have never consumed alcohol or any drink containing lower alcohol percentage. Consumption of two glasses of beer or wine per day are 18 percent less likely to experience premature death compared to those who exercise for 15-45 minutes per day are 11percent to go through this risk.

It is always advisable to consult your physician or qualified health expert with regards to the consumption of alcohol. Studies have found out, that use of alcohol reduces the risk of death, related to heart disease, as compared to non-alcoholic people. Whereas, this might work vice versa heavy drinking can lead to disease as well as death. So, considering the risks and benefits related to alcohol is very important before taking the decision to get used.

Well, it is said that beer and wine consist of better health benefits than going for gym for better life. In addition, Overweight people but not obese had reduced 3percent chances of early death than compared to underweight or normal. As well as, consuming two cups of coffee per day lowers the risk by 10 percent as compared to the non-drinkers.

In addition, evidence suggests that consumption of alcohol in women’s can lead to high risk of various health-related issues such as breast cancer, brain injury, and liver disease as well as can increase few side effects related to menopause.

Surprisingly, around 40 percent individuals aged 80s and 90s, suffering from dementia and physical and mental disability, where the brains have insufficient neuropathology to explain the mental illness are less affected by these diseases or illness.

As per studies, consumption of wine or beer glass per day, that benefits more pounds to your weight, can be a secret behind the people living above 90 aged. So, whatever the age is, it’s essential to take proper guidelines from your physician on the consumption of alcohol to avoid the risk related to health issues.

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