Initially, solar system entailed of 9 planets revolving around the sun’s orbit. Later, Pluto the ninth planet was thrown out of the list as it’s the farthest planet from the sun and its existence is someway insignificant.

A small 6-year-old year Cara O’Connor, from Ireland urges and writes a letter to NASA stating the agency should put back Pluto in the list of solar system planets. She writes, “While murmuring a song, I just ended saying ‘Bring Pluto back’. I would be really impressed if this happens in reality.”

Later, she started saying some words about the doughnut-shaped ring that surrounds Neptune having numerous small planets revolving around the planet. Along with other eight planets, Pluto should also be one of the main planets, because when I watched the videos introducing our solar system, Pluto was at the end and was not considered in the line, she further inscribed.

This is really unfair. No one should put any of the small planets into the litter canister, Cara added. She dreams to become an astronomer in future and give a visit to all the planets of the solar system including Pluto. Hence, she insists NASA to repair this delinquent for her by the time she enters into the space agency.

Her efforts did not go waste. James Green, from NASA Planetary Science Division, wrote her back saying, “We agree with what you say. It doesn’t matter if Pluto is a small planet. All that matters is that continuously conducting a research on Pluto.”

James is pretty sure that Cara will discover a new planet once she enters NASA. She has the most stimulating mind, says Sarah O’Donovan, her school teacher says. Cara has a keen interest in exploring the outer world. The little one ran out of words, hence her school teacher helped her out to write a letter to NASA.

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